Columbia River Carbonates

CRC was established in 1985. In 1993, the founding partner, Bleeck Management, Inc., partnered with Omya, Inc., the Swiss-based world leader in calcium carbonate. These two family-owned companies represent more than 300 years of combined experience – serving a wide spectrum of industries, including agriculture both in Europe and the United States. Ultra-fine ground calcium carbonate plays a critical role in assisting growers in maximizing superior crop yield and quality. The company incorporates the highest level of manufacturing and technical experience in producing and supplying high-grade, ultra-fine calcium carbonate products for growers throughout the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada.


Agricultural minerals

are essential for healthy crops and abundant production. MICRONA™ and Garden Pearls® brands feature all natural calcium soil amendments. Perfect for your crops, pastures, gardens and lawns. Our products are designed to meet high quality standards and environmental concerns.


Our dealers are awesome!

Please contact your dealer for pricing and for the helpful, knowledgeable support they offer. Your local dealer is able to make recommendations based on your farm's unique requirements. To find a dealer in your area or if your company is interested in becoming a distributor, please call (360) 225-6505. THANK YOU for visiting our website.


Contact Information


Gudrun Mahrt

CRC AGRO Manager

(360) 225-4108

Jason Imes

CRC Agronomist

(360) 852-4766

Jill Lee

CRC AGRO Customer Service

(360) 225-4151












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