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Welcome Gardeners! Garden Pearls® Calcium and Gypsum will help you achieve maximun production. Sometimes it's not the weather or the bugs that are reducing your yields, but sometimes it is. Follow the links below for useful information written with the home or market gardener in mind.

Fall is the perfect time to apply GARDEN PEARLS® Calcium!

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To grow great grass, beautiful blooms, and healthy vegetables, you need to maintain your soil fertility every year without fail! Have you used Calcium before? Do you know your soil pH?

If you have synthetic fertilizers and water often, your soil pH may be low and probably requires calcium to sweeten your soil. Most plants don’t grow well in acid soil. Garden Pearls Calcium Carbonate fixes a low pH. Rain, acid mineral fertilizer, and drainage can make soil acidic. Plant growth also removes calcium from the soil.

Since the natural rain of fall and winter does all the watering chores for you, adding calcium in fall makes sense.  Now the soil has time to utilize calcium in Garden Pearls and be ready for new growth next spring.

GARDEN PEARLS®  Calcium –What will it do if I use it now?

Calcium is a mineral that is very much needed to keep cultivated garden soils healthy.  Using calcium in fall improves the soil environment for microorganisms. These tiny organisms never stop making rich soil, not even in fall or winter.

Maintaining proper soil pH through Garden Pearls Calcium plays a major role in the effectiveness of all fertilizer used later in spring.  It will keep your soil fertile and productive.

Heavy Metals

There has been a lot of research done on heavy metal contamination in soils and how that affects our food supply.  Gardens growing next to roads or drive ways, close to old homes or around burn piles, or gardens growing on soils of unknown origin all require special attention. Heavy metals may occur naturally in your soil but are often present due to human activity. They are toxic in high concentrations.

Leaching of arsenic, cadmium, aluminum, lead, and other substances can be reduced or prevented! You can grow healthy vegetables if you maintain your soil conditions every year!

Science has proven that soils amended with composts or calcium minerals (or a combination of both) are not likely to have the heavy metals taken up by plants.  Growing your own and eating locally grown food where you can identify  the cultural practices provide a lot more benefits than many of us recognize.  Is there enough calcium and organic matter used in your local cultural practices to limit heavy metal in food?



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