MICRONA™ Calcium Soil Products Farm by CRC8

Maintaining proper soil fertility is essential for building long term productivity and sustainability.  Over time–rain, fertilizer, drainage, crop harvest, tillage and erosion can contribute to acidity.  If not controlled, acidity can reduce crop yield, cause economic loss and negatively impact the environment.  Beneficial soil organisms tend to be more active as soil pH increases near neutral (pH 7.0)

MICRONA™ Calcium Carbonate is a white, high quality, ultra-fine agricultural lime.  Proper application, based on soil analysis and your CRC agronomist’s recommendation, corrects low soil pH, prevents the solubility of aluminum and other heavy metals, activates microorganisms, maximizes fertilizer effectiveness, and improves soil structure.

MICRONA™ Calcium Carbonate has high dissolution rates and will not harm soil or cause lime burn.  Most of our products are certified organic with WSDA.

MICRONA™ Gypsum Products will provide beneficial calcium and sulfur without changing pH in your soil.  Gypsum will benefit heavy clay soils, or soils that are heavy in salts.

MICRONA™ Calcium Animal Feed Products

Animals need calcium, MICRONA™ MF200  provides high quality calcium which will enhance cell activity, metabolic processes, and bone and skeletal development.  MICRONA™ Bedding Lime increases sanitation, aides in odor and bacterial control, while improving compost.  MICRONA™ Poultry grits are a perfect alternative to granite grit, providing a hard grit product made of calcium carbonate.  MICRONA™ Bedding Lime and MICRONA™ Poultry Grit are certified organic with WSDA.





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