HydroCal™  liquid lime is a micronized through special technology, ground from white calcite limestone that delivers superior value as compared to any commonly used agricultural lime. HydroCal™ is ideal for water run applications through center pivot, solid set, hand line, and spray application.

HydroCal™ shows excellent mobility to neutralize soil acids through the soil profile and provides exchangeable calcium to the plant. HydroCal is applied at a fraction of the rate of traditional liming materials, with lower input costs and better return on investment.HydroCal Apples

There is no other calcium carbonate product in the marketplace as efficient as HydroCal.  When applied in a liquid form, either through a sprayer or injected through your irrigation system, HydroCal™ reacts, releasing free calcium making it available to your crop. It does this in a matter of weeks and will manage pH in-season. No other calcium carbonate lime can offer that kind of value.

HydroCal™ will deliver appropriate rates of exchangeable calcium in a very predictable time frame. Calcium supports soil tilth and microflora with needed calcium nutrition through the soil exchange complex. Standard practices for liming do not provide predictable results; neither in terms of reaching your target pH nor delivering sufficient exchangeable calcium to the soil; only HydroCal™ does.

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