MICRONA™ Bedding Lime


Organic Seal
MICRONA™ Bedding Lime is perfectly suited for animal bedding needs.  MICRONA™ increases sanitation, reduces odors and can help you decrease bedding cost by up to 30%.  Holstein CalfThis economical and environmentally friendly product is harmless and non-toxic when used as directed.  Unlike hydrated lime, it will not burn.  Automatically incorporate calcium into your compost processes by applying MICRONA™ to your animal stalls.
Dairies, poultry houses, pork production stalls, horse stalls and animal barns. Perfect for kidding and lambing pens as a prevention for certain bedding diseases.  Safe for all livestock and pets.
Large Animals: 1 lb per stall every 5 to 10 days;  Hogs: 1 lb per 12 x 12 stall every 5 days; Piglets: 3 oz. per day (keeps piglets drier).


For More Information:

WSDA Organic Certificate

MICRONA™ Bedding Lime SDS


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