MICRONA™ – Prilled Lime


MICRONA™ – Prilled Lime allows growers to target problem pH areas easily and effectively.  The key to it’s success is the very fine grind of the limestone prior to granulation.  MICRONA™ Prill’s ultra small particle size with a high dissolution factor allows fast reaction time with soil for improved fertilizer efficiency.  Pelletized Product

MICRONA™ – Prilled Lime is dust free; it’s uniform size is perfect for blending with fertilizers.  MICRONA™ – Prilled Lime for direct seed applications makes good business sense, it can be precision applied in direct contact with the seed.

Use MICRONA™ – Prilled Lime to correct low pH soil conditions to maximize fertilizer effectiveness and crop yields.  MICRONA™ will also add essential calcium and will help make critical nutrients available.  Correct pH in your soil will reduce the solubility of aluminum and other heavy metals.



For More Information:

MICRONA Prill™ Flyer

MICRONA™ – Prilled Lime SDS



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