MICRONA™ Prill – Gypsum


MICRONA™ Prill – Gypsum is perfect for adding the essential nutrients calcium and sulfur to your soil when a pH adjustment is unnecessary.  Great for use in high pH situations.  MICRONA™ Prill – Gypsum is a Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate, perfect for soil amendment.  Enhance Calcium and Sulphur, strengthen and aid in plant growth.

MICRONA™ Prill – Gypsum is dust free; uniformity of prill potatosize works well for blending with fertilizer.  MICRONA™ Prill – Gypsum can be used in precision application with direct contact with the seed.

Gypsum is recommended to reduce soil compaction, improve drainage of heavy, clay soils and to help leach out harmful salts.   MICRONA™ Prill – Gypsum is evenly granulated making it very easy to apply.

For More Information:

MICRONA Prill™ Flyer

MICRONA™ – Prill Gypsum Flyer

MICRONA™ – Prill Gypsum SDS





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