Deco Rock™


Deco Rock™ Natural Marble Rock Chips are perfect for making your outdoor living space look clean and elegant.  Use your imagination to create elegant outdoor living spaces, walkways, and rock gardens with Deco Rock white landscaping stone.  Great to cover your weed prevention fabric.

Also used for drainage and erosion protection.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADeco Rock Landscaping Solutions







Three-Step Deco Rock Base System

Step 1: Level and compact the area.

Step 2: Use a barrier to prevent the Deco Rock from disappearing in soft ground.  Measure out geotextile fabric, perforated plastic, or heavy duty landscape fabric.

Step 3: Add a base layer of 1  1/2 inch to 2 inches of Deco Rock.  This provides superior drainage and stability for you unique landscape design or living space.

For More Information:

Deco Rock™ Flyer

Deco Rock™ SDS


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