Garden Pearls® Calcium


Garden Pearls® Calcium is an essential mineral that will keep cultivated garden soils healthy. Garden Pearls® Calcium is a natural way to neutralize soil acids. If you have used fertilizers before, you soil pH may be low and probably requires calcium to sweeten your soil. Beneficial soil organisms tend to be more active as pH increases to near neutral (pH 7.0).Lettuce
Garden Pearls® Calcium fixes a low soil pH, helps release critical nutrients, improves soil structure and root development, and increases botanical and biological soil activity.  Garden Pearls® Calcium plays a major roll in the effectiveness of all fertilizers and will keep your soil fertile and productive.
Use on lawn, vegetable gardens, annual perennial flower beds and flowering shrubs.  A must for Lilacs, Lavender and most vegetables.  Do not use on Rhododendrons or plants in the Heather family.
25lbs per 2,000 sq ft. Apply annually; more may be required based on soil analysis and plant/crop need. Apply by hand or with a fertilizer spreader and allow rain or irrigation water to dissolve the pearls.
Use one to two handfuls for each established plant that has a natural high calcium requirement (Lilacs, Lavender, Buddleias, Daphne, Iris, Hellebores and many, many others).


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