We invite many plants into our garden without checking up on their nutritional requirements. What soils do they prefer? What pH is necessary? Your gardening success is tied to the plants that grow well in your individual micro climate, success comes through the soil and food you give them.

You create the soil suited for your plant guests with a lot of organic matter through mulches and compost, by using fertilizers, and thoughtful watering.

Your individual region determines what changes to the soil are necessary to be a successful gardener.

Do you live in high rain fall areas with acid soils (must use Garden Pearls Lime here) or do you live in dryer regions with drought and high pH soils (use Garden Pearls Gypsum in those).

It is easy to influence the pH of your soil with Garden Pearls Lime and the texture and the water infiltration with Garden Pearls Gypsum.

Many of our garden plants came from Europe and Africa and most need Garden Pearls Lime for best growth. These are lavender, sages, salvias, most of our aromatic herbs, lupine, penstemon, yarrow, buddleja, foxglove, purslane, olive trees, but also lilacs and clematis and so many more. Garden Pearls Lime and Garden Pearls Gypsum are part of the program to make your soil perfect for a perfect garden paradise. A plant list showing the pH preference can be found in our “Learning” section.